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Okładka Vanishing Celestial Bodies„I have been reviewing some more modern metal acts from Poland in my career with Vampire-Magazine, like Hedfirst, but I will honestly say that non of them are as convincing like this Neurothing. What I have here is the promo EP „Vanishing Celestial Bodies” and with this EP they wish to get signed to a label. And that is definitely something that is within their reach if I solely judge on musical terms. Their modern and grooving metal in the direct vein of Meshuggah’s mid nineties era (undoubtedly their best!), the band that never had their well-deserved breakthrough: Brainshake and the first two albums of Wisconsin’s Static-X fits perfectly in the trend of today. Pretty technical with loads and loads of breaks, tempo changes and very heavy riffs, metal oriented but with enough elements to attract the attention of the modern hardcore fans as well, speaking of bands like Cataract. Yup, keep an eye on these Polish talents!”

autor: Felix
źródło: Vampire Magazine, data: 13 listopada 2005

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