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Okładka Vanishing Celestial Bodies„I stumbeled over Neurothing on the internet and thought 'well, they put their whole demo-EP on the internet for free download, so let’s have a look’. I did and was impressed, but first to the band:
Neurothing was formed end of 2004 in Poznan (Poland) and released 'Vanishing Celestial Bodies’ already in 2005 (the Bio on the Site doesn’t say anything about the time before end of 2004, but I guess they already have a lot of experience together).

'Vanishing celestial bodies’ starts with 'Never Core’ which in turn starts with some guitar feedback. 'Boring’ I thought but then all over sudden some complex metal core blew out of my speakers. At minute number three, a quite strange guitar solo comes up which is far from unexciting – it’s just different. Alltogether a quite complicated but still catchy song.

The next one – 'Macheta’ reminds me a bit of some Pantera Songs from the Vulgar… – album, but the Neurothing version of that music is a lot tighter and harder.

'Anomaly’ is also not much different – stylewise – than the other songs on 'Vanishing celestial bodies’. Here singer Chupasangre also uses his clean voice in a very very strange way which I – unusual enough – quite liked

The title track is the last one on the Demo-EP and in my ears forms the peak of what Neurothing does on the album. Fucking complex stuff which you really need to listen to several times in order to understand it. Clean parts with clean voice, really heavy metal-core stuff all mixed together.

Alltogether 'Vanishing celestial bodies’ is a very impressive EP. All musicians are above reproach, the drummer rages like hell and the songwriting is one of the most complex I have ever listened to. If you like Pantera but just don’t find it hard enough, you’ll love Neurothing. Another thing to point out is that the whole album, including a video from 'Macheta’ and the cover can be downloaded from their website Well download it, listen for yourself. You will not regred it.”

autor: Andre Stricker, ocena: 7/10
źródło: Soundcheck Magazine, data: 2006

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