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Okładka Murder Book„This Polish band presented 11 well elaborated tracks which will suit the tastes of those fellows who are into a good blend of ‘urbanistic’ Hardcore, Nu Metal and Death Metal full of technique and deep pounding patterns straight like a punch into your face. Something that might be of an appeal for the listeners of bands like Coroner and Dying Fetus on a certain extent.

The album starts with a plain intro (Hope), which is of course the opening for the album. The following track is ‘Kill It’ which represents some sort of groovy Hardcore full of temp variation and filled with harmonization. ‘Hands of Death’ starts with a long classical echoed bass pattern that suddenly engulfs into mid-tempo pounding metal with some somber ill-natured harmonization accompanied by some melodies. The concept is good, but after a while, it gets a bit boring as it sounds a bit monotonous despite the occasional variations and the dynamic performance by the drummer. In fact speaking of performance, I would recommend the third track ‘High Pain Threshold’, which encompasses a brutal structure of a kinda ‘Anarchist’ Hardcore filled with excellent tight drumming performance. The very song also includes some guitar solos filled with sudden breaks. ‘My Cell’ for instance, starts with some good dual guitar harmonics accompanied by (again) an excellent drumming performance. It reminds me a bit of Brutal Truth on few instances perhaps it might be the guitar performance which on the other hand gives an ‘urban-istic’ feel. As it goes along…although it is a good one, it may sound again a bit boring.

I think the beauty of the album starts from the 6th track (Raskolnikov) onwards. Raskolnikov represents a cocktail of sudden pounding dual guitar breaks, which makes this tracks rather interesting for listening. ‘Railroad Track’ like the previous track represents another cocktail of the mentioned filled with occasional Thrashy-Death drumming. The following track ‘Infinity’, is quite a good one. Filled with vocal variations, sudden instrumental (partially complex) bass parts and dual guitar breaks and harmonization. ‘King Rat’, and ‘More Than Time’ may be the only two songs including some fast-paced structures, more variety plus well structured breaks and grooves enough to keep you awake,

Vocal style is typical Hardcore, however despite the usual forced singing; speeches and occasional clean voice performance (reminding me a bit of Alice in Chains) are nevertheless present.

Overall the music is quite groovy, tight and technical and most of the tracks start with good intro enough that will prevent you to turn on to the next song. The drawback behind their song structure is repetitiveness of either breaks or riffing which makes the overall thing a bit boring. The guys got some stunning ideas, and being just their debut release, it is well made and professionally produced. I wouldn’t exclude the fact that their next album will have something to offer!”

autor: Jo, ocena: 4/5
źródło: Brutalism, 7 lutego 2010

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