King Rat

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Take it, try it so we will not die
Take it as I say
We will survive
Try it as I say to make us immortal

Poison’s awaiting to be drank
Take it, take it
It was planted to bring harm
Try it, try

What brings the pain to others will build the immune strength to make them immortal
To survive

Deadly dose is ready
Take it as I say
We won’t die

It was a lie!!!
Dose was too big to survive
You won’t survive this
Swallowing your favorite poison
It’s too late
Too late for you

Destructive pain
It was a mistake
So far away from life
There you have to stay alone
And that’s the last you feel

This is what we need
Make you dead
Swallow your favorite poison ‘cause it brings a better result
Because it’s gonna take us to the next phase

So you die
So do I

Swallow your favorite poison

That’s the way we kill
You try so we’ll survive
So far it works correct
So you die

It’s so easy to be lied to
And so hard to believe that we live for something more than greed

Follow the king rat
Follow to the end
Follow me to do what I say
What I give it is what will be
I will bring you pain
I’m gonna bring the fear to you
Dose it how you want it
And stab it in deep

This is how we breed the new race
So you die
This is how we came from the trees
This is how we live in the deep underground
This is how we try to survive
This is how we’re crowding around to get through the already opened door
Through the wide open gate
That’s why we kill the weak individual
Rising the fear around
This is how we breed the new race
We want to live so you die

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