High Pain Threshold

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Czas trwania: 4:00
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Utwór z płyty „Murder Book”

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Reżyseria i produkcja – Michał Pawołek, Artur Przybylski. Wsparcie techniczne, dokumentacja – Marcin Klęk, Marek Markiewicz. Stylizacja – Małgorzata Ciernioch.

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Isolation from the pain
Why don’t you just kill the pain?
This is what you create
This is what I reject

High pain threshold
Resisting disrespect
Inflict aggression
Silent the fear
Don’t pray for salvation
Just feed the anger
Natural senses
To kill, to feel

The only priority
Natural senses
To kill, to feel

Out of fear
Crawl to me
What can be broken must be broken
And this is reality
Out of fear

What if you could reach the high pain threshold?


Can’t destroy the force
Losing yourself instead
What a plague you are
Nothing but hate

Humiliation, cannibalism, retribution, powerful fantasies

So you can dive under the crust of sin
Lower than the blade
Into the violent ring
Deep into the screaming sea

High pain threshold
Harden into the crust
So did you kill the pain?
Did you feel?
So deep
So far, did you kill the pain?

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