Hands of Death

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In the blood he shines
In the flesh he rise
In the fame of death

Death is what we forget that we’re living for
Death is the queen we’re dying for
Death is the king the life gives into and bends its neck
Death is the queen
Death is the king
In the name of death
Death is the answer

This night will end
Take him away from the cares of flame
From the hands of the flame

Nobody hears his screaming
Nobody in the crowd
No one
Nobody cares about feeling

Mind your life
Mind your soul
Mind the flame of the fame
The flame

In the blood he shines so light
It brings glory, respect
He gets his mark
In the blood

Fame hides his head so high in the clouds
The flame is burning
The life is fading
Poison is filling me

Do you live?
It’s so important for the king
And for the queen

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